I’m hoping for your support in this fall’s municipal election.  As Mayor of the Municipality of Port Hope the past four years,  I’ve lead the effort working with PHAI towards making Port Hope the best example of “environmentally clean” that a town can claim. The process is not complete and I want to work as your Mayor the next four years to ensure that we’ll work as one to unveil a community befitting its new role as “the cleanest town in industrialized Canada”.

While we have made great strides in renewing municipal policy there is still work to be done and I’m enthusiastic about what I can help accomplish during the next four years. Good Governance is possible when policies are reviewed and made current.

Port Hope’s Natural & Cultural Heritage

As Mayor I have helped steer our efforts to steward Port Hope’s natural & cultural heritage – our main street, our lake front, our river, our picturesque agricultural rural area and our gateway to cottage country. The job is not done but the efforts have already been noticed and the municipality has become a preferred tourist destination and relocation site.

About Mayor Bob Sanderson

I’ve been your Mayor the past four years, and we’ve got a lot accomplished but the work isn’t over. I’m anxious to finish the projects that are still being worked on. If you’ve met me over the past four years at a public event, or at town hall, you may have heard me say “I’m old school.”  I like to look people right in the eye and shake their hands.  I mean what I say and say what I mean.  Most of all, I don’t make promises — I make commitments. And this election, I re-commit to working hard as your Mayor on policies and projects to benefit the residents and businesses in our Municipality.

Someone once said:  “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”  I like that.  Someone else once said:  “Management is doing things right.  Leadership is doing the right things.”  I think that pretty much nails it – and I’d like your vote this October so the progress made the previous term can be solidified and enhanced.

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