Port Hope’s Natural & Cultural Heritage

As Mayor I have helped steer our efforts to steward Port Hope’s natural & cultural heritage – our main street, our lake front, our river, our picturesque agricultural rural area and our gateway to cottage country. The job is not done but the efforts have already been noticed and the municipality has become a preferred tourist destination and relocation site.

The Capitol Theatre, at the Cameco Capitol Arts Centre, with its outstanding live theatre performances brings in tourists and theatre-lovers from the surrounding areas and is an important economic driver in the urban core. In fact almost 80% of ticket sales are to people outside of the municipality.

Annual events like the Cultivate Festival, Float Your Fanny Down the Ganny, and the A.C.O. House Tour,  not only bring in tourist and economic benefits, but also enrich the lives of our local residents.

Roads are a big issue in rural Port Hope, and I am committed to maintaining and improving them!

The Farley Mowat Memorial is another example of Port Hope’s unique community spirit and appreciation of our local Port Hope history and culture.

I’m particularly proud about getting our “temporary” Barrett St bridge replaced with the help of the military. Together we can do great things!