Mayor Bob Sanderson on Port Hope’s East and West Beach

I am a firm supporter of the west beach and Port Hope’s entire waterfront. Rather than having a predetermined opposition to the extension of Choat St (ring road) I would work toward maximizing all beach access.

Some background information: the ring road was approved by council in 2009, and requested by Cameco as a critical component of maintaining their business. However, like all projects, the process will involve environmental and other studies, and will also include a strong request for public involvement.

I do not think any decision can be supported or opposed until the municipality and our citizens have the facts and information required to make decisions.

I definitely do not support industrial expansion on our waterfront. I support maximizing public use and access and enhancing the waterfront to increase enjoyment.

The West Beach is a wonderful asset to Port Hope, for nature lovers, families with kids, and for creative projects like the recent sculpture temporarily installed there that is getting lots of attention and rave reviews!

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