PHAI – Port Hope Area Initiative

• Currently, the most pressing issue facing Port Hope and our residents is managing the PHAI (Port Hope Area Initiative) cleanup.

The long awaited PHAI low level radioactive waste cleanup is finally underway. It will affect every person in Port Hope one way or another. Mayor Sanderson has been the lead on this file during the past four years. He will continue to personally lead our municipal team of four professionals whose mandate is to ensure Port Hope’s municipal requirements are met and that the project is completed safely and on time. The cost of these four positions is funded entirely by the federal government and there is no impact on taxes.

We have to continue to work with the Federal Government and its contractor Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) to ensure the remediation of our community is done safely, completely and on time.

Mayor Sanderson seeks your support for a strong mandate to continue providing leadership on this important PHAI project. Consistent management is very important as the project starts to have greater impact on more citizens and their property. Now is not the time to change leadership on this PHAI file.

• Another high priority is to review and update our municipal medium and long-term Strategic Plan for the waterfront and other municipally-owned lands south of Town Hall. We need to start our planning now, looking ahead to when the PHAI cleanup is finished. This is the best time to get it right for generations to come, to ensure that Poet Hope remains “Port Hope.”

We need this planning to start now. After the cleanup Port Hope will own some of the best, most pristine, undeveloped waterfront properties on the north shore of Lake Ontario. Our strategic plan will determine how to manage the strong economic growth that will result.

It’s not time to change course.

I believe that together we can make Port Hope even better!

Believe Together!

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